Hidey-ho, neighbor!
I'm Erik
Bue sounds like "cue" or "hue" Bue
Designer [Product, UX, UI, whatever-you-wanna-call-it]...really I'm just a problem solver who cares about crafting products and experiences that are useful, useable, and beautiful. Recently finished up a two-year contract at Facebook and now open to new opportunities!
Enterprise Design
Involved in all aspects of the product lifecycle, from brainstorming and defining requirements with PMs, to designing and testing interfaces, as well as working with engineers to make sure everything comes together just right. Primarily focused on performance management and job mobility products.
Favorite Albums
My picks for 2017
For the last couple of years I've created minisites to showcase my favorite albums of the year. These personal projects are a great chance for me to combine my love of music with design, while also improving my front-end development skills.
Check out my picks from 2016!
Music for you, picked by Bue!
BUEsic is a personal playlist site where I posted a new set of songs each week that I liked or thought others might like. It started as a design exploration, then turned into a coding experiment, and then, all of the sudden, it was a real, working site.
Exercise Tracker
Exercise Tracker is a revolutionary app for the fitness buff (pun intended). Exercise Tracker uses the built-in sensors of Android Wear and Apple Watch to automatically detect exercises and count repetitions.
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer provides video workout routines for users to follow along to. While this app still utilizes repetition counting technology, it is more focused on users that are new to the fitness world and that need more direction on what to do.
A caddy on your wrist!
TrackMyGolf suits the avid golfer to a tee (see what I did there?). By utilizing the same motion tracking technology seen in the TrackMyFitness products, we can automatically detect your swings and keep score for you along the way.