Lead Designer
Vyo is an iOS app that allows you to post anonymously, follow hashtags, and get in-the-moment updates on the things that interest you. Unlike other anonymous apps that are built around location, Vyo is built around hashtags so you can follow specific topics and trends.
In social media these days, users are often hesitant or afraid to truly express their thoughts in fear of judgement. Vyo looks to allow users to have open, honest conversations about the topics that interest them. Because the concept is based on hashtags, it was important to make it easy for users to find and follow their favorites, so we spent a lot of time to create a simple and intuitive discovery process. We also wanted to make sure that it was easy for people to use hashtags in their own posts. To do this, we've added a 'quick-add' button that can reveal recently used or popular hashtags that users can add with one tap.