Design, HTML/CSS (Thanks to Chris Manciero for JS help)
NOTE: This site is no longer being hosted.
BUEsic is a personal playlist site where I posted a new set of songs each week that I liked or thought others might like. It started as a design exploration, then turned into a coding experiment, and then, all of the sudden, it was a real, working site.
I've always been a huge music fan, so I was looking for a way to share that passion with the people around me. I figured that a playlist type of site would be a good way to showcase some of my music taste and allow others to discover music that they may not normally listen to. The design stems from my love of album artwork and the realization that it sometimes gets lost in all the streaming services that we use. I chose a layout that would allow me to show the artwork prominently, while also maintaining a balance with the rest of the content. I really wanted to expose the album artwork in other ways as well, especially in regards to the color palette. I thought about pulling prominent colors from the artwork to use within the typography, but because of the variety in cover design, this wouldn't scale. Instead, I took the current artwork and blurred it in the background, allowing me to enhance the artwork in a subtle and cohesive manner.