Facebook: Enterprise Design
Product Design
Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, I can’t show the bulk of my work that I did at Facebook, so for now, you’ll just have to trust that I actually did quite a lot during the ~2 years I contracted there. I was a product designer on the Enterprise Design team, leading design on multiple internal products, primarily focused on performance management and job mobility. Here are some brief notes about the work I did during this time —
Performance Management
  • Implemented new continuous feedback model that encourages feedback to be given/requested throughout the year, and not just during official evaluation periods.
  • Successfully built solutions that helped employees spend less time writing feedback without reducing quality. Success was measured through data insights and user research.
  • Introduced guidance and educational tools throughout the product to promote and encourage Facebook’s feeback culture.
  • Built a Messenger bot to help remind employees to request/write feedback throughout the year. Based on this work, we also built a stand-alone feedback bot that could be integrated into Facebook's Workplace offering. It can be installed by any of Workplace’s existing customers to help encourage peer feedback amongst their employees. I designed the branding, bot UX, and the marketing page (and even wrote most of the front-end code for the site). This was a public facing project, so I can show you a quick preview of the site!
Internal Jobs
  • Designed the first iteration of an internal jobs tool to help employees find new opportunities within the company.
  • Crafted an experience that utilized existing data about teams to paint a more cohesive picture of each team. Because it's an internal tool, we had the ability to showcase more detailed information that isn't normally found on external job boards. Some examples include:
    • Code repositories and languages so engineers can look at code quality, etc.
    • Mockups from designers on the team
    • Relevant Workplace groups, wiki articles, etc.
  • Scaled initial solution to also provide the ability for hiring managers to find employees that may be a good fit for their teams.